Behind the scenes of grassroots horror – the filmmakers, the fascination, the creative scares on a microbudget
“Terrific, insightful, intelligent, and thought-provoking.”
“One of the few docs I’ve seen to actually put across exactly what it’s like to be a horror fan/director, why the genre is important to us and its community bond.”
“A doc that will receive a big thumbs up from fantasy festival audiences everywhere.”
Alan Jones 
founder & co-director of FrightFest
“The new documentary reveals how microbudget auteurs bring their most horrific visions to the screen.”
Michael Gingold, Rue Morgue

“Time was, you could pick up a video camera, a bottle of Karo syrup, get your friends together and shoot your own horror movie, and there was a good chance you could rent that same movie a few months later from the local mom  n’ pop VHS store. ... Did the twilight of VHS and the SOV horror craze really bring an end to that brand of horror filmmaking, though? ”
Preston Fassel, Daily Grindhouse
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