Behind the scenes of grassroots horror – the filmmakers, the fascination, the creative scares on a microbudget
CineUnderground | Italy

Another Hole in the Head Festival | San Francisco
GenreBlast | Winchester
Requiem Fear Fest | Montreal
South Carolina Underground Film Festival | Columbia
“Terrific, insightful, intelligent, and thought-provoking.”
One of the few docs I’ve seen to actually put across exactly what it’s like to be a horror fan/director, why the genre is important to us and its community bond.”
“A doc that will receive a big thumbs up from fantasy festival audiences everywhere.”
Alan Jones 
founder & co-director of FrightFest
Emotional, honest, and utterly compelling
Absolutely engrossing, emotional, raw and a triumph of documentary making.
Horror Channel
If you truly love something, you have to admit its flaws. ... THE BRILLIANT TERROR is an act of true love: a by turns laudatory and—to my happy surprise—critical examination of the art and state of grassroots indy horror at the dawn of the 2020s. ... TERROR is as heartwarming as it is thought provoking, and a documentary not to be missed.
Preston Fassel – Daily Grindhouse
Eye-opening and frank with its honesty, THE BRILLIANT TERROR presents a warts and all look behind the curtain of the lowest of low budget horror productions, demonstrating just how far you can get on sheer determination, passion, and commitment alone.
Kat Hughes –  The HolLywood News
“The new documentary reveals how microbudget auteurs bring their most horrific visions to the screen.”
Michael Gingold – Rue Morgue

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